Companies in the USA spend $30 billion a year on slip and fall injuries!


How much is your company spending?  How many lost workdays occur due to slip and fall accidents?  95 million lost workdays occur every year.

Compensation and medical cost from employee slip and fall injuries top $70 BILLION yearly.  The average cost to defend a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000.  40-50% of all workplace accidents are slip and fall incidents.


OSHA has set a minimum coefficient of friction for hard mineral flooring.  Are you compliant?  We only need a few minutes to determine that.


The beauty of this treatment is it is safer in a wet condition than dry.  No more filthy mats and rugs needed.  No more falls, no more lawsuits.



To assist businesses with complying with A.D.A. requirements, section 44 of the IRS tax code allows a tax credit for small businesses, and section 190 allows a deduction for all businesses.

Tax Credit Form 8826(


Now, we have provided you with safety solutions for your business, as well as with ways to save money.


Call the Floor Medic today and let us give you a free evaluation of your floor to see how safe you are.

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We can keep your customers and clients safe, keeping you safe from lawsuits, as well as keeping your employees safe and working