After many years working in radiology and imaging, and seeing many, many injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents, I am so happy to find a way to help. 


Today more and more emphasis is placed on safety.  We are wearing our seatbelts and buying vehicles with all the lastest safety features.  We are putting our children in the latest and greatest carseats, even buckling in our beloved pets.


Yet, what are we doing in our own homes?  Wet surfaces in entry ways, kitchens, and bathrooms are dangerous, and may cause disabling injuries or deaths.  If the dog slops water all the way across the kitchen floor, it creates a dangerous situation.  The pool party is all fun and games until suddenly, a slip and fall happens.   I have a fix for these problems.  It is so easy.  A no brainer as it's called.  Sure Step.


Businesses, your entryways are wet on rainy days.  Restaurants, your kitchen floors are a disaster. Hotels, motels, resorts, are your tubs and showers safe for your patrons?  I know each time I step into a tub or shower I am very careful. My sister and I were in Florida this spring and asked for a new room because our tub was so scary. I was sure one of us was going to get that hip replacement earlier than we wanted.  


Is your pool area safe or do you just post "slippery when wet" signs and hope no one gets hurt? Can you afford to keep losing employees who are out on workers comp and costing you a fortune?  Who can afford all the lawsuits folks are so eager to file these days?  It's expensive. Instead, choose to solve the problem.  It is much less expensive than being sued.  It is effective!  Sure Step works!


Beach houses are often rented out each week.  My family rented a beach house on Holden Beach for several years.  I know we weren't always dry when we ran in to the bathroom or into the  kitchen to get a drink.  Not everyone was paying attention when ice dropped onto the floor, and it often did.  Later, running in with wet feet and hitting a puddle on the kitchen floor caused many near disasters.  We were lucky.  Beach home owners who rent their houses out all summer could benefit greatly from this treatment.  That water on the floor won't be a risk factor for slips anymore.  Your floors will be safer wet than dry.


I am in this business because I care.  I would love to see hospitals have fewer patients.  I want radiolologic technologists to have fewer patients to image.  I wish for all surfaces to be safe.  Folks, you don't have to end up in the ER.   I can help.


Sure Step is the answer.  Floor Medic is the company.  With my medical background, this opportunity to help my community fits me very well.  I've always wanted to make a difference.  Let me make a difference for you!

Call for your free evaluation, demonstration, and estimate ASAP or even STAT!


Thanks for considering Floor Medic for your non-slip needs.

Amanda Robbins